We are creating the next
generation of colours and effects

Shining responsibly like no other

No mica in our pigments means no child labour. No titania means that human health is not put at risk. Instead, our pigments are entirely biodegradable with the least possible impact on the environment.

Inspired by nature to better embrace it

Our pigments utilize the physical structure that gives birds and butterflies their magnificient colours. It is time to make space for the most striking and beautiful colours of nature without harming the earth.

Made with cellulose from plants—nothing else

Cellulose is one of the most abundant materials on earth and is found in trees and crops all over the world. Our pigments have the highest naturality index and allow your products to reach carbon-neutrality more easily.

A new material with endless possibilities

Our pigments find use in a myriad of applications where colour vibrancy and effect are needed.
Cosmetics & personal care
Film & foil
Arts & crafts
Coatings & paint
Food & beverages

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Tiny particles with big goals

Our pigments support sustainable development.

Change is coming.
Let's adapt together.