at the pinnacle
of sustainable elegance

Our versatile range of products bring a touch of extravagance with brilliant colours, shimmer and sparkle for limitless creative possibilities. Inspired by nature and developed using our technology based on the latest material science innovation, let your journey toward innovation, sustainability, and excellence shine brightly.

Pigment Solutions

Pigment Solutions

These versatile powders, pearls and glitter, available in a vast array of colours and a wide range of sizes, are enriched with a captivating luster, enchanting charm. They bring brilliant colours and a delightful shimmer, making them ideal for creating captivating finishes and formulations. 

Applications include Fashion and Apparel, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Packaging, Arts & crafts, Decoration, Automotive Coatings, Stationary and Paper Products, Coatings & Paint, Food & Beverage.

Formulated Solutions

FORMULATed solutions

Elevate your projects with our formulated products. Designed for your specific applications, our cutting-edge technology sets new standards for performance and sustainability. Enhance and transform the visual and functional aspects of your products with our commitment to excellence, sustainability and innovation.

Applications include Cosmetics and Personal Care, Packaging, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Home Décor, Architecture, Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Paints and Coatings, Fashion and Apparel, Automotive and Lubricants.

Foils & Ribbons

Foils & Ribbons

Our foils and ribbons bring forth a variety of rich colours, a touch of subtle luster, and a hint of shimmer. These shades gracefully interact with light, producing an appealing finish that’s bound to catch the eye.

Applications include Packaging, Print and Graphics, Textiles and Apparel, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Labels and Stickers, Automotive, Stationary, Arts and Crafts

Sparxell sequins

Specialty shapes

From components to embellishment, our specialty shapes, including sequins, are designed to add a touch of uniqueness to your designs. Infused with precision and craftsmanship, these specialty formats bring forth an array of options that stand out with brilliance, vibrance and flair.

Applications include Fashion and Apparel, Textiles and Home Décor, Arts and Crafts, Cosmetics and Personal Care, Event Décor, Footwear, Embroidery and Textile Art, Packaging, Jewellery.

Advanced Functionality

Advanced functionality

Created for performance, our advanced range delivers functionality and sophistication sustainably. Explore for instance the advantages of the UV and IR-reflective properties of our products. A remarkable impact all from plants.

Applications include Cosmetics and Personal Care, Fashion and Apparel, Packaging, Printing and Publishing, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial and Manufacturing, Entertainment and Media, Architecture, Food and Beverage.

Custom made
to any specification

Use the slider to choose your colour and customise the products to your specification. Our products are available in unlimited colours and multiple sizes, produced by our breakthrough, bio-inspired technology.

Please reach out for specific inquiries, either by visiting our contact page or emailing us. 

© Sparxell Inc. 2023. All rights reserved.

© Sparxell Inc. 2023. All rights reserved.